Relax Kids Programme

Relax Kids is a programme developed in the UK that has been running for approximately 15 years. It helps build good citizenship and prepare young people for experiences in later life.  They learn important stress reducing techniques that enable them to maintain their calm, develop inner strength and resilience and confidence.


The sessions introduce relaxation and confidence building skills in a fun and creative way, using a variety of different techniques, which enable the young people to be in the best frame of mind to achieve what they want. These include movement and music, stretching and breathing techniques, positive self-talk and visualisation. At the end of each session the young people participate in a craft activity while we spend time discussing how the session has been. The young people have made a treasures box, a journal, a relax pillow case and are now working on sock puppets.


Key Assets has been running a relax kids group for over 12 months and we have seen some positive changes in the young people who have been attending. Within the sessions the young people are showing reduced anxiety and increased attention, this is particularly noticeable at times of transition and quieter times during the session where the young people are now showing more focus.

Relax Kids 2

The young people report that they have been able to use the techniques outside of our sessions to calm themselves and that this is helping them in placement and in school.

We have seen the group develop confidence and form a sense of identity as the relax kids group.


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