Christchurch Foster Carers Geoff and Jill Winter Nominated for a Prestigious Award

imagesKey Assets Christchurch Foster Carers, Geoff and Jill Winter have been nominated for an Excellence in Fostercare Award.

Key Assets social worker Susan Radford says€œGeoff and Jill know a lot about fostering.  They have a wealth of experience in fostering children with complex behaviours, who have been unable to fit in to mainstream foster care.  They are amazing, making a difference in  each  child’s life and getting results, because they care and, as Jill says of the children, because they are worth it.”

Giving examples of what they do Susan added€œGeoff and Jill stand out because they ‘think outside the box’.  For example, their foster child came home from school one day.  She had received a certificate for doing well at school, but had had a bad experience coming home on the bus.  Upon arriving home – she showed Geoff the certificate, and then let off some profanities about the bus ride.  Geoff sent her to her room for swearing, but gave her a lolly- pop.  The girl asked ‘why do I get a lolly-pop’?  Geoff replied “you have to go to your room because of the swearing…  the lolly- pop is saying ‘well done for getting the certificate”.

They have enabled children of diversity to ‘be themselves’ and shared a story about a young male youth playing dress ups and being validated by their support.”

Geoff and Jill’s ability to ‘think outside the box’ and ‘tailor-make’ the care they provide for each individual child is the essence of the success this couple has with the children they care for, because not every child is the same.

Geoff and Jill are currently fostering two amazing young people with Key Assets

Well done Geoff and Jill! The team at Key Assets are thrilled with your nomination!


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