Will fostering affect my family?

Fostering involves the whole family. Your own children are important to the success of any fostering placement. That’s why we offer them the support they need to ensure their experience of fostering is a happy and positive one.

Children foster too

Deciding to become a foster carer as an adult can bring feelings of anticipation, excitement, anxiety and worry. These emotions will more than likely be experienced by your birth children as well.

Children whose parents foster will share their home, their parents, their siblings and their belongings with the children and young people placed with them. They need support not only from their parents, family and friends but also from us.

Supporting children and families who foster

We believe that providing support and guidance for the children of fostering families is important. If you foster with us, your children will have access to our social worker as well as contact with other young people in the area who are also part of a fostering family. Through birth children’s groups and forums, they can express the issues and experiences affecting them.

If you’re thinking of becoming a foster carer with Key Assets or you’d like to find out more about how fostering will affect your family, talk to us on 09 263 5151 or enquire online.