Fostering with pride


This page has been specifically prepared for our LGBTI community members who may be interested in foster care.

We are proud to be an inclusive organisation which values and celebrates the diversity of our community, including our rainbow community.

Our organisation is a proud member of Rainbow Auckland. Key Assets commitment to LGBTI inclusion has been recognised the world over. We have been included on the Stonewall Top 100 LGBTI inclusive companies and for 3 consecutive years our organisation in Australia has been the recipient of the Company of the Year Award for LGBTI inclusion as well as listed as€˜gold’ status on the Workplace Equality Index. Our Group CEO has also been included on the Deloitte/Google 50 Outstanding LGBTI Executives list for 2018. Here in NZ we have also been nominated for a number of awards for LGBTI inclusion and visibility. We participate at Pride events too.

Key Assets accepts enquiries and applications to foster from members of the LGBTI community. There are no restrictions in New Zealand, in law, for LGBTI people to foster.

Our ‘Fostering with Pride’ approach was created especially for you. We know that members of the LGBTI community make a valuable and essential contribution to meeting the needs of our most vulnerable children.

Please click on our ‘Fostering with Pride’ booklet for more information on how you can achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children and young people.

Our ‘Fostering with Pride’ approach also recognises the unique needs of our LGBTI children and young people who are in care. With this in mind we also have created a resource guide for foster carers.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your Journey to Foster!



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