Become a foster carer

Becoming a foster carer involves caring for someone else’s child in your own home when they’re unable to live with their birth family. Fostering is very rewarding and can make a real difference to the lives of children and young people living in care.

There are many things to consider before you become a foster carer so it’s important to find out as much as you can about fostering, such as who can foster, the children we foster and the different types of placements we offer.

To become a foster carer you must be able to provide a safe, secure and stable environment for children and young people. We also ask that you’re over 25, you have the necessary space in your home to care for the children and young people placed with you and that you can commit to fostering on a full-time basis.

Foster carer support

Because we believe in providing quality care in a family setting, we offer extensive foster carer support and relevant training to help our foster carers feel confident in their role. This approach includes tailored support from multidisciplinary teams of childcare professionals who work together in the best interests of the child.

Get in touch

So if you think you could foster, we’d really like to hear from you. Call us on 09 263 5151 or register your interest online.