Changing text size using Safari

  • Click on the View menu with the mouse.
  • Click on Make Text Bigger’ or Make Text Smaller to change the font size

Or to to use keyboard shortcuts:

  • Increase or decrease the text size with Apple and + (plus) and Apple and€˜€“ (minus).

Take the following steps to set a larger text size for all the pages you visit:

  • Click on the Safari menu with the mouse and then then click on Preferences or press Apple + ,’ (Comma).
  • Click on the Appearance icon or press Ctrl + F5 to highlight the General icon and then press the right arrow key to highlight Appearance then press the Spacebar€˜
  • Click on Select next to Standard font: box or press Tab once to highlight the Select button and then press the Spacebar€˜
  • This will bring up the Fonts window click on font size you want under the Sizes heading or press Ctrl + F6 then Ctrl + F7 then Tab twice to enter the Sizes box were you can type in the font size you want and then press Enter€˜.
  • Click on the Fonts box close button or press Esc€˜.
  • Click on the Appearance window close button or press Esc to return to Safari.
  • On pages that support it the text size should now have changed.

You can also change the text size in these other browsers:

Internet ExplorerOperaNetscapeFirefox.

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