Purpose & Pledges

Our purpose

Our purpose is to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children, families and communities.

Our culture and core values:

Key to what we do is our culture and our core values of:

  • recognising everybody counts and is accountable
  • providing high quality and safe services
  • achieving excellence through continuous improvement
  • cultivating knowledge, innovation and learning

Our pledges to you

Children & families

  1. Set high standards for ourselves and the care and support we provide for you
  2. Be on your side and accept you for who you are and what you want to be
  3. Prioritise your safety, connections and build your resilience
  4. Be passionate, caring and respectful in everything that we do
  5. Listen to and learn from you so that we can do things better

Customers, carers & staff

  1. 1. Deliver excellence through quality service provision, collaboration and measuring outcomes
  2. Act with honesty and transparency
  3. Deliver innovative services in cost effective ways
  4. Challenge the norm, ask questions and keep our promises
  5. Conduct our business with financial integrity to achieve sustainability and value


  1. Build a socially responsible and friendly presence in each of our communities
  2. Value diversity and inclusion and act with cultural sensitivity and respect
  3. Be creative and flexible to respond to each community’s unique needs
  4. Recruit, train, support and retain the best people to deliver services
  5. Contribute to shared learning through research and partnerships